Does an Employee Resource Group Benefit Your Recruiting Program? Really?


Your Employee Resource Group, known as an ERG, can have a direct influence, including cutting costs, on your talent acquisition program, especially in diversity recruiting.


* Members of your LGBTQ, African Heritage, Women in Science, or Veterans ERG, among others, will volunteer to attend career fairs, open houses, interview days, and college recruiting events to support your recruiting efforts. They believe in their own experience and want to spread the word about what your company has to offer.

Need referrals to outstanding talent?

* ERGs are ground zero for your referral program. If an employee has had a positive candidate experience and is a part of the mission of your company, she will want to tell her friends and get them to interview. These referrals are free leads that come with an endorsement – a powerful tool for your recruiters and hiring managers.

Where are your company's community evangelists?

* Motivated employees in an ERG work to engage the community in which they work and live. These folks are your ambassadors and will evangelize their experience and your employee value proposition with everyone they meet.

What else?

* ERGs make the overall organization stronger, whether through philanthropy, professional development, community engagement, or mentorship. They also build employee morale. Using a strong employee branding and internal marketing campaign you can connect your enthusiastic employees with your critical recruiting markets and make the connection easily between potential candidates and successful employees. They can convey your employee value proposition even when they are not on the job.

Employee Resource Groups reduce costs and enable employees to serve as informal recruiters. Who doesn’t want a team working to help fill all those requisitions? Build and strengthen your ERGs today and watch your investment come back ten-fold!

Think it's a good idea, want to give it a try but don't have a clue where to begin?

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