Learn the Secrets of a Successful Veteran Hiring Program

Matt Brogdon, SME for setting up uber successful veteran hiring programs took a moment to connect with us regarding the upcoming seminar being hosted by WD40 on April 23rd.


Matt, what is this event all about?


​Military and veteran recruiting is a unique talent channel and requires some dedicated education and training to master. This is an opportunity to learn the five separate components to successful military recruiting for any organization. They are profiling, branding, marketing, recruiting process and training, and retention, and we discuss all of them in the first segment. The second segment is devoted to learning about Microsoft's investment in military and veteran candidates before they hire them and what their IT career skills program has become. ​

Eve: Why is this important for companies to send their top TA and HR folks to?


​ It is not enough for companies to employ a veteran as their veteran recruiter as they don't know recruiting skills and best practices. Therefore, companies need to invest in their top people by educating and training them on how to effectively source, screen, qualify, and hire military talent. Unlike other programs, we also train hiring managers how to read resumes and effectively interview veteran talent as well. Our program is designed to train recruiters, recruiting managers, and hiring managers to hire the best veteran talent.​

Eve: What will the attendees learn?


​ ​Our program focuses on a military service orientation and the culture that military candidates come from. We also discuss how to profile the correct candidates for requisitions, understand resumes, and conduct a behavioral interview for veteran candidates about their specific military experiences and how those experiences translate to corporate requisitions. We also save time to discuss the particular military candidates who would be a fit for our clients' requisitions in the last two hours of class.

Eve: What do companies struggle with the most in finding great veteran talent and how do you help them overcome those challenges?


​ Far and away companies struggle with profiling the correct candidates for their individual requisitions. Many companies seek to attract military candidates and veterans but can not tailor their searches for individual skill sets that correspond to their requisitions - they only recruit veterans as a group. Without proper profiling, how do companies know how to market themselves or interview the correct candidates for a position? The number one skill we teach is profiling - making sense of a candidate's acronyms, positions, experiences, and education and ensuring he or she is a fit for the position.


Who is invited to this free event?


Senior level Talent Acquisition and HR folks who are serious about setting up an effective veteran hiring program

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