Networking for Introverts

Transitioning veterans have many options to choose from to help them manage the transition from the military to private sector employment. Some are frankly better than others.

An admiral once described the perspective of transitioning military talent's confusing array of programs and options as "drowning in a sea of goodwill".

Are you struggling as you look for work? You are not alone.

Did you know that :

1) 80% of jobs are filled through referral/networked connections

2) Applying on-line alone has a less than 1% success rate

3) Most job search training programs encourage networking but few actually train the veteran on "how" to do it.

The process of networking is generally unpleasant for most people who are not shown how to do it, they do it wrong, get no results and fall back on the out-dated, ineffective method of relying totally on job boards and on-line applications.

"Pitching" yourself to everyone you meet is exactly the wrong way to do it.

There is a solution that is proven to work.

Operation Connect was founded in May 2015 at the North San Diego Business Chamber with the specific goal of teaching transitioning veterans the secrets of networking. We call it "Networking for Introverts". We have trained 325 veterans with an 88% success rate in terms of employment.

Did you know that the average time from unemployment to employment is, on average, 6 months? It's only 2.7 months for our trainees.

In addition to the one day of training, each vet is assigned a private sector Mentor and provided with a 6 -month membership in the North San Diego Business Chamber so they can freely make connections with business leaders at the monthly Network Mixers.

What is the cost you ask? Operation Connect is totally FREE. You have nothing to lose and a great next step in your career to gain. Sign up for the monthly classes at today!

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