Free WOTC Screening

Employers claim about $1 Billion in WOTC tax credits each year. Have you claimed yours?

Hiring an officer from the military who has only been out of the military for 30 days and has not been working could give you a $2400 tax credit. If other parameters are met, hiring a veteran could bring you up to a $9600 tax credit.

The government created this program to encourage companies to hire from groups with significant barriers to employment. Why not take advantage of the tax credits today?

Sound like a great idea, but don't know where to start?

We have found something free and easy!

If you are wondering if applicants to your open positions may be eligible for a tax credit, simply send them to and have them click on the "Job Seekers" tab. They will fill out a quick survey and will immediately see how much of a tax incentive their prospective employer will receive if they hire them.

Just call Infused with the name of the candidate and they will immediately tell you the results of the survey.

That was easy!

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